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Jiangxi Fushine Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd was founded in 2002, locating at a prestigious historic city and famous Millennium Porcelain Capital in China — Jingdezhen. Armed with advanced production equipments and manufacturing technologies, Fushine is specialized in the R & D, manufacture and sales of APIs and pharmaceutical intertes. the company is a “National High-Technology Enterprise”, “Excellent
Enterprise in Jiangxi Province”, Excellent Non-state-owned Enterprise in Jiangxi Province, Innovation-based Pilot Enterprise in Jiangxi Province”, and has set the  “Provincial enterprise technology center”. The company has three wholly-owned subsidiaries including Jiangxi Xiangtai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd etc.

The company owns the key technology and currently is a main API manufacturer of β—lactamase inhibitors, and also the leading supplier of Carbapenem intertes. Based on the advantages of production technology, quality management, EHS management and customer services, as well as the comprehensive and integrated risk management and control, our company enjoys a great reputation and cooperation with domestic and international customers, and our products are spread more than ten countries globally and regions in the globe.

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