Research and development
R&D Achievements

Recent years, Fushine undertakes several national, provincial and municipal scientific projects. One product was recognised as national key new product, 16 products were rated as the key new products in Jiangxi Province, 16 projects were approved by the authentication of the Provincial Science and industry and inion committee. We successively won one First Prize of Jiangxi province excellent new products and four Third Prizes. Two products have obtained high-tech export product R& D funding projects by province Commerce Department and passed the authentication. Most products are included into R&D guidance plan of ten strategic new industries “Biology and new medicines” of Jiangxi province. During the research production and new products development, Fushine has applied over ten national innovation patents, and nine were authorized.

Currently our ability of developing β-lactams inhibitors series products is in leading level, we have became the largest β-lactams inhibitors products supplier in China.

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