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“Fushine Technology Center” was founded in May 2009, and recognized as“Provincial Enterprise Technology Center”in 2010. In 2011, Fushine was recognized as the “High-Tec Enterprise” and “Innovation Pilot Enterprise in Jiangxi province ”.

The technology center covers new products R & D center, application technology center, analysis and test center and two independent pilot workshops.While improving the R& D center, we also established good cooperation with Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry, Zhejiang University, Zhongshan University, Nanchang University and other higher institutions and academies. The technology center equipped with following functions:
1.The R & D for new technology, new product, new technique and new equipment;
2.Decision and consultation center for technology innovation;
3.Industry-university-research cooperation center;
4.Talents introduction, cultivation and agglomeration center;
5.Technology radiation and service center;
6.Inion gathering and delievering center.

R & D team
The competition of technology depends on talents. Fushine pays good attention to construct a professional talents team. Currently we introduce, employ and cultivate a young and excellent R & D team, among which there are overseas returnees, senior technology director who had worked in large state-owned enterprise, and young technology leader. There are over 100 staff in the center, who are above college, 60% are college graduates, and led by PHDs.

R & D system
Currently there are three independent lab centers in the technology center: one is the center for new products (four well-equipped R & D lab), the second is the technology application center (closely cooperate with process techniques), and the third is the analysis and test center (covering the physical analysis, chemical analysis lab, instrumental analysis lab, stability lab and aseptic analysis lab). There are two independent pilot workshop equipped with full sets of organic synthesis equipment and the best crtical analysis instruments.


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